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Ready to live your healthy, vibrant life with purpose?

Hey, I’m Liz…

a health and wellness coach for women over 50, I help you break free from old ideas about aging...

You know the idea that says you give up after you hit middle age?

Instead, you’ll become the healthiest you - better than you’ve felt in years! Step into your best life and make yourself a priority at last.

Your health is personal and unique to you.  

That’s what makes this different.

As a woman over 50, you’re not interested in some cookie cutter plan meant for the masses.   

Create a personalized plan to skyrocket you to your healthiest life based on your lifestyle, your preferences, your needs...no one else’s!  

You deserve it.  

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Let’s get started!


Some benefits from support of a coach include:



Individualized plan that works for you, not the masses. Explore what is best for you and your individual needs to finally transform your life into the life of your dreams.


Take steps one at a time so the changes are manageable and not overwhelming. How many times have you tried a new plan and quit after the excitement wears off? You drive your progress and goals not the coach or someone’s cookie cutter program.


Connect with limiting thoughts and beliefs that are driving your behavior and making it difficult to change. I support you to do this work on your own terms by dissolving these beliefs and taking steps to move forward.  

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